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The Frightening in Dying Light 2 Stay Human continues – and along come updates

Techland delivers the first wave of community-requested improvements in the latest update to their zombie game.

The Frightening in Dying Light 2 Stay Human continues

Wrocław, Poland – November 2nd, 2023 – Plenty of changes in Dying Light 2 Stay Human on the horizon for the fall season. The Community Update #3, going live on November 2nd, gives weight to the players’ ideas. Meanwhile, The Frightening doesn’t let up – Part II features Slashing Pumpkintiles!

THE FRIGHTENING Part II: Slashing Pumpkintiles Event

Plague Bundle  - Dying Light 2 The Frightening

The spookiest season is in its full swing, so the zombies can feel right at home. To make the most of the eerie aura, Dying Light 2 Stay Human will throw the Slashing Pumpkintiles Event – the second part of THE FRIGHTENING, and a follow-up to Part I, Vampire: the Masquerade Event. Techland is also releasing Plague Bundle (available for free for the duration of the event) and Scarecrow Bundle (available in the store). Last year’s Pumpkintiles and Pumpkintile Tyrants will be back, along with newcomers: Banshee Witches and Haunted Biters. 

Scarecrow Bundle  - Dying Light 2 The Frightening

The players looking for Treats can also expect the return of Baka the Unfortunate and his seasonal Bazaar stall, filled with freaky Masks, new weapons and items, including plenty of Trick-or-Treats – chocolate bars with special effects. The event will last from November 2nd, 4 PM CET, to November 16th, 4 PM CET.

Dying Light 2 Community Update #3

Community Update #3 is built around the players’ feedback, mostly submitted via the Community Ideas website feature. It introduces improvements across the categories such as weapons, inventory, enemies, and missions. This update kicks off the process of implementing all the features promised in the earlier Sneak Peek.

Weapons and gear

Perhaps the most anticipated change is the introduction of the weapon repair option. Now, the Craftsmaster can help fix up all the favorite tools of destruction, even if they’re completely broken. To make the matters even more convenient, players can now also dismantle gear as well as mods, receiving some of the resources back – so there’s more space for experimenting. Adding to that the fact that the human enemies can now drop weapons, the introduction of new knives and a new weapon rarity, this aspect of the game opens up much space for experiments.

Enemies and missions

New challenges await with new enemy variants, and the spookiness gets turned up to eleven, as some Virals may begin to show glimpses of their former humanity. In this terrifying atmosphere, the players will be able to replay GRE anomalies as well as look for the Carrier missions – and get rewarded with Carrier and Carrier Leader Outfits. To dial up gore and brutality, the game will also introduce finishers – gory and spectacular ways to kill off weakened enemies.

Bits and bobs

Details matter and can have a huge impact on the quality of play. This is why a simple chat for co-op will now be available on PC. The players will also be able to come across consumables that’ll heal them instantly. What’s more, there’s a bunch of visual upgrades coming, such as weather improvements. There’s something for the consoles as well: the introduction of FOV slider for Xbox Series S.

The Community Update #3 wouldn’t be possible without the players sharing their thoughts via Community Ideas. With over 10 000 submissions, Techland is only getting started implementing them into the game. Community Update #3 is the first in the series of upcoming changes, available for free to all owners of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. To learn more about the inner workings of this update, check out the recently launched <<Dev Blog>> at the Pilgrim Outpost.

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