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Spam Number 0253229580?

Spam Number 0253229580

The number 0253229580 kept calling me for some time and it was a repeated call.  I got curious and searched as to who this number is attached to since Viber is plugging it as spam.  Have you been called by this number as well?

Who is 0253229580?

Spam Number 0253229580

According to the site WhoCallsMe there are people who are also reporting being called by this number and reported it as spam. I believe that since there is already a sim card registration law, spammers and scammers are now using landline numbers since there seems to be no called ID linked to landlines yet, and there is no way online to verify who are these numbers.

What to do if an unidentified number calls you?

So, what should you do if an unidentified number calls you? The first thing to do is naturally not to accept the call because sometimes it will only need you to answer the call for them to start the process of illegally getting information from you.

However, what if that call is important? You can try to search the number online and verify if it is connected to a legitimate individual or business.  You can also call it via a landline phone if it is a landline number or send a text or SMS message and verify their identity.

Be careful with unidentified numbers calling you.  In this information age, you must always be careful.

Had a similar experience? What did you do? Share it with us in the comments section.

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