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HoYoFest 2023 Philippines

It's our 3rd Year to attend HoYoFest in the Philippines, and this time it is in a whole new different format.  We surely miss all the food during the previous HoYoFests but this one is a whole new different experience and opens up the fandom to more fans since it's a free event located at a location that is accessible to all. HoYoFest 2022 will be until October 29, 2023!

HoYoFest 2023 Philippines

HoYoFest 2023 at SM Megamall Event Center

HoYoFest 2023 Philippines

This year HoYoFest is conveniently located at the Event Center of SM Megamall, at the lower ground level of one of the prime malls in Metro Manila. Various games can be seen in the event including their existing games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, Tears of Themis, and Honkai Star Rail.

Tons of people are lining up to enter the event because upon entering you will be given a Quest Card which you can then use to get various freebies at various game booths.  Plus, you might even win a collectible toy figure which you can bring home.

Every game booth has its own task to complete so check them out individually.  At the end of your quest, you can finally take a free photo at their photo booth.  The only requirement is for you to have at least 3 stamps from your Quest Card.

HoYoFest 2023 Philippines

Zenless Zone Zero

HoYoFest 2023 Philippines

HoYoVerse is also having a demo play for their upcoming game Zenless Zone Zero.  It is a past-faces game set in an urban setting where you get to control 3 characters as you combat various enemies.  I tried playing the game and after just less than 15 minutes of trying it out, I was immediately hooked and excited to play it.

@daviddangeloph Preview of the upcoming game from HoYoVerse, ZENLESS ZPNE ZERO. What do you think? HoYoFest 2023 is ongoing until October 29 at SM Megamall. #daviddangelo #gaming #hoyoverse #hoyoversecreators #hoyocreators #hoyofest #foryourpage #foryou #fyp ♬ Sky Battle - Peks Epic Music

You can check out more updates on the game on its official website.

Event Feedback HoYoFest 2023

It's a great venue and to be honest, this change in the way HoYoFest was done is a positive improvement, especially for those who really want to enjoy the event but are limited on a budget or the location is not that accessible.

There are also tons of merchandise that you can buy during the event. Merchandise pricing was more affordable here than when you buy them online.  There is quite a bit of a line when buying merchandise but mind you it is worth the wait.

Freebies was also the highlight of the event and this gives all the fans a chance to enjoy and bring home mementos from their favorite game.  It also serves as an eye-opener for players of HoYoVerse games to explore other games.

As for the venue, let me see... I would say the venue is a bit small if you consider the fans and player base of HoYoVerse games.  I would suggest that if they will do this next year they can get the Megatrade Hall as a venue.  It is more appropriate for a large audience and the setup will be more superb.  They can also add more activities that are also more interactive.

All in all, I enjoyed coming to HoYoFest 2023.  The event will be until October 29, 2023, so don't miss this awesome event.

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