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Football Manager 2024 Early Access Available Now

Progress never stops in the pursuit of managerial greatness and now players around the world can uncover new ways to win with Football Manager 2024 Early Access live on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Football Manager 2024 Early Access

Anyone who has pre-purchased FM24 can now log in to Steam or Epic and launch the game directly from their library.

Early Access is a nearly complete (but not final) version of FM24, so players may encounter some bugs and issues during play. These can be reported directly to the Sports Interactive team via the ‘Report Bug’ button on the in-game sidebar. Online play is also enabled, but there will be no access to the Steam Workshop or either the pre-game or in-game editors until the game’s full release.

Football Manager 2024 Early Access Details

The Early Access version also contains information that is still under approval process by right holders and may contain data that does not, at this time, accurately reflect real-world data. For context, some club and player assets may be absent during Early Access.

Single-player careers started during the Early Access period of FM24 can be carried across to the full game upon its global release from Monday, November 6th.

FM24 is the 20th and most complete edition in Sports Interactive™’s and SEGA©’s iconic series yet and brings with it the long-awaited ability to transfer saved games from FM23. 

This year’s game is a love letter to football and the culmination of two decades of dedication and
commitment to our vision of achieving complete football authenticity. FM24 is packed with new features influenced by expert insight from new and existing partners within the professional game.

The constantly evolving nature of football is showcased by a suite of Matchday experience changes that
bring fans closer to the cutting edge of the sport’s top tactical trends. Intelligent positional rotations on the pitch and the brand-new Inverted Full-Back player role give players more avenues for experimenting, while matches themselves benefit from improved player movement animations and more authentic ball physics and lighting.

Set Piece Coaches also make their debut and help to power a refreshed Set Piece Creator that delivers new and intuitive ways to create match-winning routines in every scenario.

Elsewhere, upgrades to the recruitment decision-making of opposition managers and the in-game Finances system increase the challenge and dynamism of every career. The introduction of Intermediaries and enhanced functionality for pre-existing Agents, meanwhile, gives players more real-world powered tools than ever to sell players and drive their next rebuild projects.

Fans can also now inspire their players to strive for more by setting Targets to elevate their performance
levels. Alongside this, they’ll also benefit from more realistic and constructive interactions with their squad and backroom team.

A brand-new licensing agreement with the Meiji Yasuda Insurance Ltd J.1 League, J.2 League, and J.3 League unlocks Japan as a playable nation for the first time and is supported by the addition of Japanese as an official in-game language.

Where to get Football Manager 2024

If you’ve not already pre-purchased, it’s not too late to get involved – anyone pre-purchasing FM24 on PC or Mac from a participating digital retailer between now and the game’s full release from Monday, November 6th will get a 10% discount and unlock Early Access.

For further details on FM24, including some new features revealed exclusively via our members club FMFC, head over to www.footballmanager.com.

About Sports Interactive™:

Sports Interactive (SI) is the world’s leading developer of immersive sports management simulations. Founded in 1994, SI became a wholly owned subsidiary of SEGA in 2006. Based in Stratford, East London, the SI team takes on the gaming genre through a diverse array of disciplines powered by more than 290 full-time staff members and support from a large global network comprising roughly 1,400 researchers.. SI is an official partner of many major football clubs, leagues, and organizations, including Manchester City, Brighton & Hove Albion, UEFA, the Bundesliga, LFP, the EFL, and the League Managers Association, as well as numerous charities and not for profit organizations. Further information on the studio and its work can be found at www.sigames.com.

About Football Manager™:

Football Manager (FM) is the world’s leading football management simulation title and our iconic, award-winning series has captivated a global pool of players for two decades. FM takes players to the heart of the beautiful game and lets them create their own football story and live out their dreams as managers of their favorite club. With more than 50 of the top footballing nations to manage in and a database of more than 800,000 active players and staff from around the world of football, the game offers an unrivaled simulation experience. The game tasks players with making the key decisions at their club and forces them to be responsible for them including transfer recruitment, tactical development, and player development. Players must navigate the pressures of modern football by meeting their owner’s objectives and handling both the media and fan scrutiny that comes from performance on

FM has grown to become more than just a game and is now deeply embedded in the football industry with the FM database now powering the recruitment strategies of professional clubs around the world of football. The game has become an integral part of modern fan culture, shaping the discourse around the professional game. It has been the inspiration for several books, a stand-up comedy show, and even a feature-length documentary. For more information on Football Manager, visit footballmanager.com.

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