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Sacred Summons MMORPG Introduces A New Class: Nine Tail Fox

Sacred Summons MMORPG Introduces A New Class: Nine Tail Fox

Sacred Summons is releasing the most powerful class, Nine Tail Fox, and a myriad of Christmas events for new and existing players this holiday season. Players who enjoy dominating the Player versus Player (PvP) or Guild versus Guild (GvG) field will surely enjoy what the Nine Tail Fox class can bring onto the battlefield.

Nine Tail Fox

Known for her bewitching beauty and a wide area of damage, the Nine Tail Fox is an all-rounder class that is friendly for beginners. This class specializes in PvP and GvG content as she destroys her enemies with her high burst damage skills. She’s not a force to be reckoned with as takes down her enemies with flashy skills. 

Sacred Summons MMORPG Introduces A New Class: Nine Tail Fox

Nine Fox Tail Skills

  1. Transform into Nine Tail Fox.
  2. Deals AoE damage to enemies in the area and gain Fox Fire. Nine Tail Fox form: Deal additional damage, increased range, and doubled the quantity of Fox Fire obtained.
  3. Summon a Fox Tail spirit to deal multiple damage to enemies within a circular range and gain fox fire stacks. Nine Tail Fox form: Deal additional damage and increase the number of fox fire stacks obtained.
  4. Charges toward the enemy to deal damage and then retreats backwards. Each hit on an enemy unit gains one stack of Fox Fire, up to a maximum of four stacks. If the number of hits is greater than four, a silence effect will be applied to enemies within range. Nine Tail Fox form: After charging forward no longer retreats backwards, but deals damage on the enemy again. Hitting the enemy will gain a shield.
  5. Release all fox fire stacks to damage the enemy, each fox fire stack will deal additional damage. Nine Tail Fox form: After using this skill, the number of Fox Fire stacks initially accumulated will be restored. 
  6. Fire projectiles attack up to eight enemies, dealing high burst damage. Nine Tail Fox form: Each enemy hit will restore a certain amount of HP.

To celebrate the arrival of Nine Tail Fox, players can receive an SR Nine Tail Fox Guardian with any purchase of $0.99. This event is valid from 1030HR (GMT+8) 23 December 2022 to 2359HR(GMT+8) 29 December 2022. The reward will be credited to the player’s mailbox after the event has ended.

Sacred Summons MMORPG Introduces A New Class: Nine Tail Fox

For more information on in-game events and giveaways, join Sacred Summon’s Discord: https://bit.ly/SacredSummonsDiscord

Download Sacred Summons: https://bit.ly/SacredSummons

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