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Genius Teens Review - A New Breed of Pinoy Superheroes

We have the exclusive privilege of reviewing and gaining insights on a new series that ventures into the genre of fiction and superheroes, GENIUS TEENS.  It is something that dwells on a new take on the Pinoy superhero genre and tries to depict a storyline that for some would say, is a commonly abused plot of many.  What's our take on the series? Here's our review of GENIUS TEENS.

Genius Teens Review - A New Breed of Pinoy Superheroes


At first glance, I thought that this is another typical Pinoy superhero story that will copy that of the western lore and it seems I am right during the first part.  If you will be judging the series by the introduction and the similarities of characters from the X-Men series, or from DC, or Marvel then you might be missing the whole point.

Genius Teens explored the what-if capacity of the brain.  What if we could use more than just 10% what would happen? The powers are definitely somewhat similar but also different.  The kid heroes and villains and the adults have their unique abilities which have something to do with their line of work and probably by their genes themselves.

As for the plot, saving the world is the most common trajectory of a series like this and this is not different from that.  It might be similar but the way the story is told is very different and at the same time touches our own culture and way of life.

Gat Alaman, writer and producer for Genius Teens has this to share:

The goal is to make Genius Teens as "The New Generation Heroes." We avoid including typical funny kinds of Pinoy superheroes, we want to create a "heroes" type or those that are typical of what superheroes from X-Men, DC, Marvel are like. 

The difference of GT to marvel and dc, though we know both are brainy and skilled. GT is discovered and using the large capacity of their brains (where science says that humans only use a 10% portion, while GT exceeds and utilizes more) while most Marvel is mutations and DC are aliens, GT is pure human.


Genius Teens Review - A New Breed of Pinoy Superheroes

The only cast I know from the series is Raymond Gorosper who is a very good friend of mine while the rest are typically new.  The acting needs to be improved a bit and bring more emotion into how they actually deliver their lines.

Since most of them are probably not used to acting this can be a big problem for the series.  Developing acting skills and having to really engage the viewers is needed if Genius Teens want to succeed in people-watching and being loyal to the franchise.

Genius Teens Review - A New Breed of Pinoy Superheroes


Genius Teens is using the usual special effects that we can see in indie series.  If you are expecting grandiose special effects like on those high-budget series then you will be disappointed. Though I would say that the special effects in Genius Teens could be improved, I commend their story line which for now compensates in some way to the average special effects,

Genius Teens Review - A New Breed of Pinoy Superheroes


It is not easy to create a series of superheroes, especially with children as the main cast.  The cost of production for such a series is surely by the millions and this might be the biggest challenge for the series.

The thing I like the most at the moment for Genius Teens is its opening theme song.  Genius Teen's opening song reminds the youth of today of something that they all need today.  In fact, it is something that each of us needs to find again in a tumultuous world engulfed by green, wars, and uncertainties.  We need to have faith in each other.

I admire the producers and directors of Genius Teens for taking the courage to go into something that is relatively new for the local scene and gamble on the criticism of the general public that they are just copycats from western superheroes.

We should at least give Genius Teens a look and the support it needed before judging them.  I am sure that they will improve through time and with our support we can empower our own entertainment industry and encourage them to do better.  Let us support local and watch local as we enjoy foreign films and K Dramas too.

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