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Ada Biotech - RiceStraws

Ada Biotech - RiceStraws

The Products Blog fully supports the campaign to ban single-use plastics in the market and that is why we want to promote green enterprises which will be key towards this move.  When we visited the Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) 2022 at the World Trade Center in Manila we came across Ada Biotech - RiceStraws. This is a product that is clearly pro-environment.

What is Ada Biotech - RiceStraws?

Ada Biotech - RiceStraws

Ada Biotech - RiceStrawsr or ADA RICESTRAWS is a clear alternative to plastic disposable straws.  It is tasty and edible because it uses all natural ingredients so our straws are safe to eat.  Ada Ricestraws are truly biodegradable and there is no need for a special facility needed.  100% decomposes after 100 days or less.

Ada Biotech - RiceStrawsAda Biotech - RiceStraws

By using this straw alternative you support an eco-friendly product that is sustainable, literally zero carbon footprint after use.  Plus they are totally all-natural.  Each staw is mainly comprised of broken rice and tapioca starch – no special ingredients to maintain durability,


The ADA RiceStraw is gluten free, ISO 22000:2018 (Food Safety Management Systems), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP (Food Safety According to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), Vegan, and Halal certified.

Where Can You Get ADA RiceStraws?

I am still looking at where I can buy ADA RiceStraws.  They do have a Facebook page which you can check out for the latest updates. If you also search at Shopee you will see several shops selling ADA RiceStraws.

Ada Biotech - RiceStraws

How Can You Help the Environment Through ADA RiceStraws?

The company producing these products is also asking for your help so that more people will be aware that there is a better option out there. So, how can you help?

  • By SUPPORTING their cause (buy our straws, if you have special events that involves helping the environment, we are willing to sponsor straws for that particular event)
  • BY SPREADING the word (please recommend us to others after using our ADA RiceStraws.  It will go a long way)
  • BY SHARING ADA RiceStraws pages, sites, posts etc. (please subscribe and share, testify, comment positively)
Why help?  What’s your benefit?

  • You can be part of the cause in saving mother earth.  This noble cause will invigorate you because you are essentially protecting our future generation
  • You can resell and get commissions and earn a small portion on the side
  • You can apply as one of their DISTRIBUTORS since we are not part of ADA BIOTECH, we can nominate a distributor to a certain GEOGRAPHY, INDUSTRY or ACCOUNT.
 So there you go guys.  We will feature more green enterprise and eco-friendly products here at The Products Blog.

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