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Essential Items to Have in Your Medicine Cabinet for a Cough

A cough is common with many infections, including the common cold and flu. It is also the body's way to get rid of unwanted irritants like dust and smoke. Although a cough generally has a beneficial role, it does not necessarily mean that it is fun to have one. It is also not fun or convenient to have to run out and buy items, such as cough tablets, to help you feel better when you would much rather stay in bed. There are some items you should have on hand for fast relief. 

Always Being Prepared

The best thing is to prepare ahead and stock your medicine cabinet and bathroom closet with essential cold-related items. That way, at the first sign of a cough you can reach for things that not only bring relief but may also help the illness get better faster.

Although it is especially important to have these items available during the fall and winter months, it is smart to have something available all the time, as you never know when you will be exposed to viruses. If you have cold and flu medicine over the counter already in your home, you will be grateful when you are feeling under the weather.

Essential Items to Have on Hand

A cough is generally a sign of an infection of some kind, which means that it is probably not the only symptom you would experience. To prepare, you should have a wide variety of things on hand just in case:

  • Medicine: Most people have some type of medicine in their medicine cabinet. Although traditional over the counter meds may suppress symptoms, they usually do not treat the cause of the problem. They also come with side effects or may not be good to mix with other medication or supplements. If you would like something to help with symptoms, but you want something more natural, consider homeopathic cough medicine, as they work with the body to make the immune system more effective, and they are made with natural substances, so they are safe to use.
  • Vaporizer or humidifier: Steam helps relieve most types of coughs. Having these items available makes it easy to add moisture to the air. As an alternative, you can take a hot shower or bath and sit in the steam. 
  • Thermometer: A slight fever may be common with certain illnesses like the flu. Having a thermometer helps you determine when a fever is too high and medical attention is necessary.
  • Essential oils: Essential oils help relieve coughs, but they also help kill viruses and bacteria. Good ones to have on hand include eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, rosemary, tea tree, and oregano. These can be placed in a diffuser or mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil.
  • Fluids: Drinking lots of clear fluids is essential to get rid of a cough and other symptoms. Make sure you have decaffeinated tea, especially ginger, peppermint, and chamomile, and clear broths available in your pantry.

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