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Sign the Petition to Make Disney Plus Available in the Philippines

I have been wondering why Disney Plus is not even available in the Philippines considering the number of fans of the MCU.  It had been a long wait for us to have access to this streaming service.  Now seeing that Loki will also have its own series, I started a petition to hopefully demand access for the Philippines and you can join in.

Filipinos are among the top contributors to the success of MCU movies.  We believe that we deserve to have access to a Disney Plus subscription and enjoy our favorite heroes and characters.

Allowing access to the Philippines will also generate a lot of revenue for Disney and the streaming service considering that even without such service, people are trying to watch the series in some other way.

Together, let us call on the attention of Marvel and Disney so that we can begin watching these awesome series and other movies.

SIGN THE PETITION NOW AT https://www.change.org/disneyplusph.

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