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The Internet is Changing Drastically: Find Out Why

The World Wide Web or popularly called the Internet is changing drastically in terms that we might not have perceived.  As all of us enjoy the free flow of information on the internet where there is a shared reality and some fake news, that might change soon.

Government Wants to Control the Internet

There is an increasing move of various governments wanting to control information on the internet. In the past years, you have seen how social media and the internet could fire revolutions and change.  Take for example the case of Myanmar now where people are demonstrating against the coup of the military.  The world knows it and supports it and of course, the one in power does not want that information to go outside.

Australia. The government of Australia is proposing a law that would require Facebook to pay publishers. The company briefly decided to prevent users from sharing news links in the country in response to the law, with the potential to drastically change how its platform functions from one country to the next.

United States. There is a trend to ban Tiktok and WeChat and increase regulation on Facebook and Twitter.

India. The government is requiring tech companies to abide by Indian laws even online. This means that certain content and users will be banned from being accessed in India.

The Effect of the Changing Internet

It seems that governments are erecting so-called geographical barriers. They want to contain the flow of information and create their own reality for their citizens. It is in a way cooking a worldview specifically for specific countries so that they can be easily manageable.  Reality and information are very vital and crucial and whoever has it can control what happens in the future.

While we don't want to patronize fake news, in a way this move might just be a way of supporting state-sponsored and governmental fake news.  As we all know there are governments who will just feed information that makes their status good and would reject any negative news against them.

What do you think of these changes? Is it just? Do you agree?

Source and Reference: CNN.com

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