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Coffee Perfect Review - Drip Coffee

I really like coffee and I would say it has been a part of my daily life.  My preference would always be brewed coffee.  Having encountered Coffee Perfect Drip Coffee opens a new idea in coffee making.  Let me share with you a quick review about Coffee Perfect's Drip Coffee.

Coffee Perfect Drip Coffee Gift Box

The Coffee Perfect Giftbox offers you 11 blended flavors:  
     ☕Decaf blend
     ☕Irish Cream
     ☕Black Cherry
     ☕Hazel Blend
     ☕French Vanilla
     ☕Pina Colada
     ☕Barako Blend
     ☕Mountain Blend
     ☕Master Blend, 
     ☕Rum Coffee. 

I have tried and savor each one of them and I would honestly say that all of them are really good.  Each has a very distinct flavor that would appeal to a different type of people.  For me, my preference goes to Mountain Blend, Barako Blend, and Rum Coffee.




Each Coffee Perfect Gift Box is sold at Php500 in Lazada.  Which puts each coffee cup at around Php50.00 if you include the shipping.  This is not bad to taste a really great and authentic coffee.

Why I Do Not Recommend Coffee Drip

If you are really a coffee lover and you intend to drink coffee every day, why not just buy a coffee maker? Although the drip itself is made of biodegradable material, the foil that encases it can create additional waste.

Savoring brewed coffee is really something that is both healthy and satisfying and my recommendation is to try their ground beans or whole beans instead.  This option definitely gives the same satisfaction plus a better option environmentally wise.

What Will We Try Next?

Since with all honesty I love their coffee and how they make it, I am definitely going to try their best coffee option.  Probably soon, I will be buying their Civet Coffee which is around Php1,250 for the 250g whole beans.  Although, my problem is can my existing coffee maker use whole beans?  I still have to check.

Coffee Perfect is definitely one of the best choices for your coffee needs. Check them out on Facebook to know more about them.

Happy coffee drinking!

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