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Twitch Updates Hateful Conduct and Harassment Policy

One of the first and gamer-focused content platforms, Twitch will be implementing a new and stricter "Hateful Conduct and Harassment Policy."  The new policy will be effective starting January 22, 2021.  Also, all previous contents will be evaluated based on the new guidelines.  What are the changes?  Read on...

Update in Twitch Harassment Policy

Harassment encompasses targeted attacks through attention-seeking behaviors that are designed to disrupt, harm and or hijack a community or stream. Notable changes are:

  • Claiming that the victim of a well-documented violent tragedy is a crisis actor, or is lying
  • Encouraging others to DDoS, hack, doxx, or swat another person
  • Inciting malicious raids of another person’s social media profiles off Twitch

Update on Twitch Hateful Conduct 

Harassment becomes hateful conduct when the attack is based on identity characteristics. The platform considers the following identity-based attributes to be protected characteristics: race, ethnicity, color, caste, national origin, immigration status, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, serious medical condition, and veteran status.  Twitch also added caste, color, and immigration status to this list to ensure we are evolving with our global community and providing sufficient protection for under-represented groups.

Do take note of the following key updates:

  • Emotes are an important part of how we communicate with one another on Twitch, but they can be used maliciously. So emote combinations, even without additional text used in chat, will be held to this policy 
  • Given its historic and symbolic association with slavery and white supremacist groups in the US, displaying the Confederate flag is prohibited 

Updated Sexual Harassment Policy on Twitch

The latest update separates sexual harassment into its own category and adopted a much lower tolerance for objectifying or harassing behavior. Here are the notable changes:
  • Repeatedly commenting on someone’s perceived attractiveness, even in what you believe to be a positive or complementary manner, is prohibited if there is an indication that it’s unwelcome (i.e. you’ve been asked to stop, timed-out, or channel-banned)
  • Making lewd or explicit comments about anyone’s sexuality or physical appearance is prohibited. Note that we do not make an exception for public figures
  • Sending unwanted/unsolicited links to nude images or videos is prohibited
What do you think of the new policies?  Let us know through the comment section below.

For a full update and to learn more about the new policies of Twitch you can visit their BLOG UPDATE.

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