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How to Prepare for Stress-Free Noche Buena Feast

How do you prepare a Noche Buena feast that is both stress-free and promotes living a healthy lifestyle?

Noche Buena is one of the biggest ho9liday celebrations in the Philippines.  It is even bigger than birthday parties I presume especially since the Philippines is a majority Christian country.  Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is just like celebrating the biggest person on earth. So how do you celebrate and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle?

5 Tips in Preparing for a Stress-Free Noche Buena Feast

1. Use fresh fruit and vegetables.

Using fresh fruits and vegetables is essential in promoting a healthy lifestyle but how do you do that.  Would storing on a fridge or freezer help? Well, it depends on the kind of fridge or freezer, it should be that which can keep fruit and vegetables fresh for an extended period of time.  This feature requires special, humidity-controlled compartments.  Then, another way is of course to cook them the moment you buy them.

2. Clean food thoroughly before using them.

In a time where COVID-19 remains a major concern cleaning food to be cooked is critical.  Remember, not to overdo it and do not use soap to clean them.  Normal running water will do since you will eventually heat them and this will definitely kill any unwanted substances in your ingredients.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead what to prepare and what to buy is very important.  It will relieve you the stress of panic buying.  Budget your money wisely and only plan to cook Noche Buena which can be consumed by you or your intended guests.  Remember that due to COVID-19 large gathering is still not recommended.  Plan to cook healthy food since we are intent to really keep on promoting a healthy lifestyle and boost our immune system by the food we eat.

4. Cook Not for Just the Noche Buena

Plan to cook not just for the Noche Buena but also for the food that will be consumed for the day and ideally for the next day. If you want to continue living a healthy lifestyle concentrate on preparing food that is rich in vitamins and minerals and less meat.  Do not overdo the cooking and keep in mind the number of guests that will be present for the 2-day period from December 24 and the 25th. If there will be leftover meals you can put it in your refrigerator and be sure that they are brands that are reliable.

5. Enjoy Noche Buena by Promoting Health Lifestyle

Whenever you visualize cooking for Noche Buena, always look forward to it as an enjoyable time to celebrate.  Do not look at it as a monotonous and daunting task every year.  If you have kids living with you ask them about what they want to cook.  Educate them about promoting healthy lifestyle.  Cook the food with them and have fun while doing it.

Noche Buena is a tradition among Filipino families that is part of the Christian faith.  It is something that most of us look forward too plus there are the gifts that come with it.  This year be sure to make it stress-free and eat healthily.  Remember that living a healthy lifestyle is very important.

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