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Mangchai Cafe Paso de Blas Valenzuela

It has been quite some time since we visit a cafe here in Valenzuela City. In this blog, we feature MANGCHAI CAFE PASO DE BLAS VALENZUELA CITY.  We happen to discover it while buying some items at Novo in Valenzuela.

There is no dining at Mangchai Cafe Paso de Blas, because of the current COVID-19 crisis.  Despite that they have a wide variety of milk tea flavors and they even have coffee.  For our selection, we got Milk Tea and then my girlfriend got a different flavor.

It was affordable and also the taste was okay.  If there is one thing that I miss is probably the inclusion of more milk tea pearls.  At that price, I think they can add more but I have no complaints since I could have opted for an addon as well which they offered but I refused.

The place is also admirable and if dining resumes this will be a good place to spend time though the space is really limited.  I admire the decoration a lot.

If you want to experience Mangchai Cafe, you can visit them along Bagbaguin Road and they are near the Malinta Exit Toll Plaza and near Novo Paso de Blas.

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