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Quarantine Gardening Made Easy

The pandemic has spark new habits, newfound hobbies and pastime. From baking to binge-watching, people seem to find ways to be more productive and self-sufficient.

One of the increasingly popular quarantine activities nowadays is gardening. With many still stuck in quarantine, people have begun to see the beauty in tending to indoor greenery and have turned to plants for comfort and a sense of calmness.

With this, SM Bulacan Malls in Marilao, San Jose Del Monte, Pulilan and Baliwag recently open green hub for plant parents looking for the best succulents, indoor and outdoor plants as well as gardening essentials. SM’s green hub houses ornamental, decorative plants, diverse array of flowers and crop seedlings. It is also a one stop shop for your gardening needs from potting soils, plant ties, organic compost, fertilizers, and decorative pots. These garden supplies make growing easier, successful and more enjoyable.

 Achieve all your #plantgoals with SM City Marilao’s gardening corner. Located at the ground level near Gerry’s grill, SM City Marilao gardening corner houses ornamental, decorative plants, diverse array of flowers and crop seedlings. It also offers gardening essentials to make growing easier and more enjoyable.

Home Gardening Corner at SM City Baliwag is a little heaven for plant parents who would like to add more greeneries into their collection. The exhibit is in partnership with Farm Ready concept store that caters different kinds of plants excellent for farming or gardening may it be at a large or limited space.

“The green hub is a project of SM to make gardening not just about beautifying homes but also about helping people to care for their mental and physical health during these trying times” shares SM City Marilao Mall Manager Emmanuel Gatmaitan.

SM Center Pulilan’s mall atrium have grown greener over the course of the quarantine period with their plant exhibit. The i-plant exhibit offers succulents, ferns, flowering plants, foliage, hanging plants great for accent at home or at the office.

An aspiring ‘plantita’ checks out what plant to start with. Located the north entrance of SM City San Jose del Monte, SJDM green hub is a one-stop-shop for all the plant parents looking for the best indoor and outdoor plants.

Apart from being a one-stop-shop for gardening needs, the green hub likewise advocates to facilitate entrepreneurial opportunities for MSMEs who are affected by the pandemic. This campaign is rolled out to help shoppers find, discover, and support MSMEs and local businesses especially in the province.

SM City San Jose Del Monte Mall Manager Jose Mari Emmanuel Correa said that helping local businesses during time of crisis is worth cultivating. “Our reasons why we grow plants may vary, but what is more important is we support each other to weather-the-storm and get through the pandemic” he added. 

Shop for decorative but functional pots and the latest collection of houseplants from reputable sellers. Get your plantito and plantita mode with SM Center Pulilan’s i-plant exhibit located at the mall atrium.

Cactus and succulents are perfect accent for small living spaces. These are available at SM City Marilao’s gardening corner located at the ground floor near Gerry’s Grill.

The plant craze may have taken root years ago but the pandemic has sent it into full bloom. Decorate your home with Amazonian flair and garden blooms available at SM City San Jose Del Monte’s green hub. The hub carries variety of ornamental plants from Chinese evergreens, sansevierias, orchids, to roses. It also offers different mix of plant media and fertilizers to complete your greening project.

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