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Two Point Hospital Game Review

Coronavirus is now a global pandemic and with lockdowns being done in various places, playing games is one way to pass time.  If you are looking for a game that could educate you about hospitals, sickness, and the business then check out TWO POINT HOSPITAL.

Back to Simulation Games Golden Age

Way back years ago simulations game is very popular for the PC.  You have The Sims, Sim City, and the third most popular Theme Hospital.  The first time I saw Two Point Hospital, it quickly reminds me of this classic game that I had loved before.  Looking at it, I really see the similarities of the game even the items.


Two Point Hospital brings something relaxing to the world of console games and to PS4.  It is very educational since you will not only have to deal with sickness but also with your staff and money.  This is a game that educates players on how to become a business person.  The tabs, graphs and even Business Forms are really awesome.  It is so intricate that it makes you feel, you are a real hospital administrator.

Gameplay and Difficulty

If you love playing casual games that let you think and manage then Two Point Hospital is a game for you.  At first, it teaches you what is needed but at the same time, it is not spoon-feeding.  Most of the other things you need to discover for yourself.  I found out about the reports, room customization, staff management and more through my own will.  This makes the game more exciting.

Two Point Hospital is a game that challenges you to overcome various obstacles.  It trains you in decision making and also, even through a game makes you the owner of a very profitable business.  I just hope that actual hospital operation is as easy as this one and the pharmacy is as high tech as that.  It would be cool right?

Download Two Point Hospital and Share Your Story

Two Point Hospital is available for the PS4, PC, Switch and Xbox.

Have you played the game?  I would love to know more about your experience.  Meanwhile. here are some shots from the game while I am enjoying it.
Check out more about Two Point Hospital on their official website www.twopointstudios.com.  You can also follow their Facebook page.  This game is highly recommended and I will surely live stream more challenges as I build a hospital empire.

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