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Awesamgyupsal Opens at SM City San Jose del Monte

The Korean pop culture continues to capture the heart of many Filipinos. Many are big fans of Korean drama series, Korean pop music, celebrities, Korean fashion and cosmetics, smartphone brands, even the choice of food and type of restaurant.

Along with kimchi, bibimbap, chapchae and bulgogi, samgyeopsal or grilled pork belly is the most popular and well-received Korean food in the Philippines. No wonder why Korean restaurants have sprouted around the country.

A brand new Korean BBQ restaurant that offers unique spin on the current unlimited bbq craze, Awesamgyupsal is now open in SM City San Jose del Monte.


AWESAMGYUPSAL is a combination of the words “Awesome” and “Samgyupsal” that promises awesome samgyeopsal every day for everyone in a modern interior offering a relaxed and laid-back dining atmosphere.

Get ready to feast and check out Awesamgyupsal’s scrumptious mouthwatering menu that includes 10 sauces to choose from and a wide array of side dishes – the eat all you can creamy and flame-roasted beef bone marrow, unlimited crispy chicken skin, the oh-so addictive Mayak Eggs, braised marble potatoes, fried tofu stewed in Korean ketchup, house made kimchi, sweet and spicy candid anchovies, Korean fish cakes braised in sweet soy sauce, creamy cheese sauce that is perfect for dipping anything grilled or fried, Korean japchae that is cooked in sweet sesame based sauce, own version of classic Korean spicy cucumber salad, galbi jjim or the Korean beef stew, pickled radish to help cleanse your palate, fresh crisp lettuce, the indulgent meat platter, and the dips – sweet soy, gochujang and ssamjang to help complete your Korean BBQ experience, and of course the high quality Japanese rice to complete your meal.

Sounds tasty right! Visit Awesamgyupsal at the lower ground floor of SM City San Jose del Monte to complete you AweSM shopping experience.

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