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ASG Technologies Partners with 4th-IR to Enrich ASG Data Intelligence with AI Models and Data Expertise

ASG Technologies, the only provider of integrated and flexible end-to-end solutions for the information powered enterprise, announced today that it has partnered with 4th-IR, which empowers innovators to transform their industry by making AI solutions accessible, affordable and easy to use. Under the terms of the partnership, as an ASG Business Partner, 4th-IR will bring ASG Data Intelligence—which helps enterprise organizations by capturing and governing information supply chains that empower stakeholders to find, understand, share and analyze trusted data—to customers in the financial services, healthcare and life sciences fields.

ASG and Data Intelligence

Organizations increasingly recognize that data is their most strategic asset, and ASG’s Data Intelligence solution enables them to find, govern and identify the value within their strategic assets while remaining compliant with ever-changing regulatory environments. As organizations modernize and fast track data management for more accurate and efficient compliance, ASG’s Data Intelligence helps them identify ways to streamline efforts, reduce risk and free up resources for new data-driven opportunities.

4th-IR and ASG Technologies are well suited for a partnership given 4th-IR’s focus on helping its clients think beyond the face value of data to unveil new insights and opportunities for growth. ASG’s Data Intelligence solution is the perfect complement to 4th-IR’s efforts to help organizations through digital transformation, as it empowers enterprises to accelerate decision-making through data democratization while ensuring compliance.

ASG and 4th-IR have also combined the power of an automated lineage process with the analytical capabilities of artificial intelligence in the Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO). The VCO helps companies enhance compliance and performance in their audits with an efficient and scalable workforce.

4th-IR Applied Intelligence

"4th-IR provides Applied Intelligence to enhance the power of ASG’s Data Intelligence portfolio. Our combined offering leverages a unique ‘bottom up’ data lineage solution from ASG with an integrated, top-down cognitive solution that can provide insights needed to accelerate data-driven decision making, gain efficiencies and detect anomalies in data attributes and related flows of data,” said Thomas S. Gustinis, 4th-IR CEO. “We are eager to give data a voice and assist organizations in gaining the most insights they can from one of their most valuable assets—data.”

“Applying powerful AI models to ensure trust while enriching the value of data to enable better business decisions is a critical requirement for all our customers," said Wayne Monk, Senior Vice President, Global Alliances and Channel Sales at ASG. “ASG is proud to be working with 4th-IR, leveraging its expertise applying artificial intelligence to bring innovative solutions to accelerate business outcomes."

To learn more about ASG’s Data Intelligence Solution, visit this page.

About ASG Technologies

ASG Technologies is an award-winning, industry-recognized and analyst-verified global software company providing the only integrated platform and flexible end-to-end solution for the information-powered enterprise. ASG’s Information Management solutions capture, manage, govern and enable companies to understand and support all types of information assets (structured and unstructured) and stay compliant.

ASG’s IT Systems Management solutions ensure that the systems and infrastructure supporting that information lifecycle are always available and performing as expected. ASG has over 3,500 customers worldwide in top vertical markets including Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and Government. Visit us at ASG.com, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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