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PRIMO Lavandero Sneak Peak

Problems with your laundry?  Well, your problem will now disappear because a new laundry shop is opening in Pasay City.  Let us introduce you to PRIMO Lavandero.

PRIMO Lavandero ™️ "Hari ng Labada" will soon open this January 18 at Leveriza Pasay City; One of the few brands that is being developed and is intended for expansion.

HARI NG LABADA! Real men do their laundry! flex your muscles guys! it's no longer the women's world! We can do it now on our own! with the help of course of a professionally trained assistant, washing and drying is just a breeze! 😉 #primolavandero

Support this new venture of well-known voice acting talent trainer, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales.

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