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Vegan Pizza Delivery Options You Didn't Know Existed

A vegan lifestyle is one in which you do not consume any products derived from animals. Among other things, this means eating only plant-based foods. People have many reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle. Some want to become healthier and lose weight, while others want to protect the environment and/or prevent cruelty to animals.

Whatever your reasons for becoming vegan, such a dramatic step necessarily means some major changes. However, you do not necessarily have to give up all the foods you love. In some cases, you just need to pay closer attention to the ingredients and be more selective in your choices. Pizza is one example of a food that you can continue to eat as a vegan, but you will probably not eat it in exactly the same way you did before.

Where To Find Vegan Pizza

One way to ensure that your pizza is vegan is to make it yourself at home. However, that is not always convenient when you are dining out with friends or looking for a quick meal after a long day at work. There may be specialty vegan restaurants that sell pizza, but they may not deliver. Fortunately, there are vegan pizza delivery options available for just such a situation.

There are advantages to ordering a delivery pizza from a chain store rather than a local pizzeria. You can usually find information online about the ingredients they use, so that you can choose vegan options, and every store is required to use the same ingredients at all times.

Another potential advantage is the pizza delivery tracker app that may be available for your smartphone. This allows you to track the location of your delivery pizza and see its estimated time of arrival.

How To Order Vegan Pizza

Some pizza places will make this easy for you by specifically marking any vegetarian or vegan options on the menu. However, there may be unmarked options available that do not use animal products. If you cannot find this information on the menu or online, you can always ask about ingredients at the store or when you call to order your pizza.

Ordering a vegan pizza involves more than just asking the people making it to leave off the cheese. There are some pizza ingredients that seem like they should be entirely plant-based but may have some animal products included. Here are some things to watch for when ordering a pizza:

1. Sauce

At first glance, pizza sauce may seem entirely plant-based since it is primarily made of herbs and tomatoes. In many cases, this is the case. However, some pizza restaurants seek to enhance the flavor of their sauces by adding parmesan cheese. This may not be apparent just from looking, however, because the cheese melts into the sauce when it is heated.

2. Crust

Pizza crust requires only four ingredients: flour, water, yeast, and salt. All of these are vegan ingredients, so it would seem that pizza crust is safe. However, some restaurants include dairy products in their crusts, while others activate the yeast using honey.

3. Toppings

Remember that even pizza places that include vegetarian options typically use cheese as a topping at default. You will usually need to ask specifically for a pizza with no cheese to make a vegetarian pizza vegan.

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