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Using Hands in Fastfood Preparation Not Acceptable

We saw a video shared on Facbook which caught a crew of a famous fastfood storeusing his bare hands to put burgers into its plastic wrapper.  The moment, we saw the video, we know it was wrong.  When we however, read the comments it was the one who shared the complaint that was bashed and said to be over sensitive.  Was such an action acceptable?

Using Hands in Fastfood Preparation Not Acceptable

The video was deleted after the one who shared it was bashed by netizens for being "too sensitive" as they say.

We asked someone who has an experience in being part of a fast food chain and here is what he said.

Hndi tama yun kasi ang crew madalas may hawak na chemical - APC tyaka yng APS.  Always nililinid yung station. Although naghuhugas nman. Pero mali yun kasi they're serving food.

That is not acceptable because crews always use chemicals - APC and APS.  They always clean their station.  Although they wash their hands that is not acceptable because they are serving food. 

It is clear even with common sense that the crew shoudl have used plastic gloves, which according to the same source is the STANDARD way of doing it.

Why Blame the Person Complaining?

This is perhaps the problem innate to our culture.  If you have a complaint you will usually be called as over sensitive.  The truth is there are standards and correct way of doing things and consumers have the right to receive the highest quality of service.

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