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Plantex Organics® Kiosk Opens to the Public

Environmental solutions are pretty important nowadays and we are glad to know that Plantex will open its Plantex Organics® Kioskthis July 26 at Ayala Malls Feliz.  You can check them out and avail of their various promotions.  Remember that organic is way better!

Plantex Organics® Kiosk Soft Opening Promo

Avail of the soft opening promo:
  • Bring your reusable plastic containers and get discounts on purchase refills.
  • Get FREE Plantex® Green Bath Soap for every single purchase of P750
  • Get FREE Plantex® Green Bath Soap plus Plantex® Organic Probiotic Toothpaste for every single purchase of P1500
The Plantex Organics® Kiosk location is at  Level 3 Ayala Malls Feliz.  Promo runs: July 26, 2019 to Sept. 26, 2019

For more info, visit: https://www.plantexsolution.com/ or visit their Facebook page.

About Plantex Solution

Plantex® products are all eco-friendly and organic, 100% biodegradable that can be used as odor-eliminator, disinfectant, multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser, solid waste and waste water treatment and compost activator. Plantex® products come from recyclable raw materials, otherwise considered as biodegradable waste, like banana trunks and fruits and vegetables that are non-polluting to our environment.

Plantex Solution manufacture and provide eco-friendly and effective cleaning solutions for Household, Personal-Care, Industrial and Local Government Units.

The strength of  their products does not come from wasteful production process. The high efficacy of Plantex® products comes from carefully formulated natural and organic materials with costs that enable us to market the product at very reasonable prices for the benefit of the end-consumer both in local and international market.

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