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FIORGELATO Now at SM City Marilao

Although the rains have started to come, July still seems rather summery. Weather is still warm and humid on days it doesn’t rain. For a quick relief from the heat, SM City Marilao’s Foodcourt offers the newest treat to help you cool down.

Fiorgelato, Italy’s artisanal gelato, is now open to serve you at SM City Marilao. Crafted to perfection, Fiorgelato ice cream is made of 100% pure fresh milk and is produced fresh daily using the highest quality of natural ingredients from Italy. With low butterfat content and only a little air whipped into it, each gelato is freshly and slowly churned to achieve the ideal creaminess, richness without leaving any buttery coat on the tongue. Sweet, cold, creamy, and refreshingly European, this classic dessert is a delicious reminder to slow down, smell the roses and enjoy the flavors of life.

Fiorgelato flavors range from chocolate, pistachio, ube to strawberry. Make sure to try out Fiorgelato’s gastronomic gelato and paired it with appetizers and entrees from SM Foodcourt.

Be sure to check out and experience FIORGELATO’s gourmet ice creams.  Visit SM City Marilao today!

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