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Is the Philippine 911 Number Really Functional?

Just today, a Meralco post was sparking in our area which seems to be an overloading problem.  I called MERALCO and no one is answering.  I realized that the Philippines finally has a 911 number so I decided to give it a try on my mobile phone and it did work... BUT!

Do we really have a 911 Number?

For several times I dialed 911 on my mobile phone and the voice prompt says all agents are busy at the moment.  After several attempts my call finally went is and someone answers, "Hello, what is your emergency?"

I was about to answer when the call suddenly ended.  I tried again several times and it keeps on happening over and over again.  I thought the problem is on my phone so I asked my son at home to call 911 too, but the same thing happened.

I posted a post on Facebook since I was so disappointed and a friend commented that this also happened to her.

Nung tumawag ako dyan dahil may sunog samin, may sumagot ng phone di nagsalita tapos binaba. Yung halata pang normal phone. Tas 2nd and 3rd time na dial ko, di na macontact. Fake news tong 911 natin.

What is your experience when dialing 911?

Have you tried dialing this emergency number?  Is 911 really working?  What is your experience?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. very helpful i use to dial 911 too in my phone and no ones picks up hahahaha Sakit.info

  2. I hope the government can fix this.