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For Men Only Personal Care from Bad Lab

Men can now rejoice that a product line is now available that will cater to men and their special personal care needs.   BAD LAB™ (or Brave And Daring Laboratory) products were made to revolutionize new dimensions in personal care for men that no other product in the market have done in the past

Boldly going where no other personal care brand for men has gone before, BAD LAB™ and its unique packaging sets it above the rest, with the animal concept (with reference to men’s inherent animal instincts), the non-use of a traditional model on the label to make it unconventional and creative, non-conformist, anti-typical, and the competitive pricing makes BAD LAB™ products more fun and endearing.

What is BAD LAB™?

Revel in the BAD LAB™ range of products under 5 personal care categories for the “bad” man, all made good to make the bad look better. The BAD LAB™ Skin Care line boasts of a Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub and Facial Moisturizer, Shampoo under Hair Care, Hair Clay, Hair Pomade, Hair Cream and Hair Gel for Hair Styling, Body Wash and Deodorant for the Body Care line, and the

Special 3-in-1, the Hair, Face and Body “Caveman Cleaner” that’s perfect for the bad or outdoor type of man who is on the go and looks for convenience like when traveling, going to the gym, or when doing activities outside his abode.

For BAD LAB™, it’s about using a variety of ingredients for its products to elicit the best results and benefits. BAD LAB™’s Face and Body products use Dragon’s Blood extract, a resin of plant extraction from the jungles of the Amazon to bring about skin rejuvenation. The Hair products’ active ingredient, Fluidipure™8G, helps deodorize bad body odor and controls dandruff.

There is also Silver Citrate, an anti-acne ingredient that bars inflammation and infections. The Blue Stone, on the other hand, reveals the skin’s natural radiance and provides natural nutritive minerals. Lastly, Cronodyn™ fights signs of skin fatigue while it tones and firms the skin.

More importantly, BAD LAB™ products are all certified “halal” by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). It is the only government body in the world that has control over the implementation of Halal certification anywhere.


So break through the usual norm. As BAD LAB™ says, wash like a man and not like a girl because the day is out there and not in the bathroom. With its energizing, revitalizing and healing ingredients, BAD LAB™ products are totally “man-gineered” for the man, that the dirty can be sexy and the filthy can be clean in a few minutes.

When you use BAD LAB™, be ready to feel and look good.

For more about BAD LAB™, visit http://badlabco.com.ph, or follow them on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/BadLabPHL) or Instagram (@badlabco_ph). BAD LAB™ products are now available online via Lazada.com, Shopee.com or www.beautymnl.com.

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