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McDonalds Sakura Meal Review

This is probably a very rare occasion that McDonald's is bring something special to the Philippines - McDonalds Flavors of Japan.  This new set of meals include 2 flavorful Japanese-style burgers, Nori-flavored fries, and Sakura Strawberry float.  You can buy them separately or enjoy them together as the SAKURA MEAL.

Sakura Meal Review

When you dine-in this meal usually costs Php199 and includes a choice of either the Ebi Burger or Samurai Teriyaki Burger + Nori Fries + Strawberry Sakura McFloat.  Let have our Sakura Meal Review.
  • Samurai Teriyaki Burger.  Since the Ebi Burger is already sold out we only have this burger to try out.  I would say that the taste is acceptable and delicious in fact.
  • Strawberry Sakura McFloat.  Some of my friends say that it lacks the flavor of Strawberry and tastes like some sort of artificial flavoring and well I have to agree.  Though it is acceptable to me, the flavor is seemingly absent.
  • Norie Shake Share Fries.  I find this very salty and well the taste of Nori is fine.  I just worry that if I eat too much I will be sick and my kidneys will be mad at me.
Our Overall Rating for the Sakura Meal is just 5/10.  It is an exciting meal to try but it is not excellent when it comes to taste.

You can also order the McDonalds Flavors of Japan via McDelivery.

How was the Sakura Meal for you?  Have you tried McDonald's Flavors of Japan too?

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