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Facebook Down, Longest Downtime Ever

The Facebook Down that we are experiencing today could probably be the longest #FacebookDown ever.  The latest surge in the popular social media seems to start around 11:00 PM Manila Time and up to the writing of this article the problem still persists.  That is a total of more than 8 hours already.

What is Causing the Facebook Network Downtime

According to Facebook themselves, who in fact is also using Twitter to communicate to its users, they are already resolving the issue.  They are denied that is is a DDoS attack.

According to the reports we read, besides Facebook other applications including Messenger, Instagram, WhatsAp, and more are also experiencing disturbances.

This is what happened when I tried to share this article on my profile at exactly 7:50AM PH Time

Why Attack Facebook on March 13?

March 13 is a very significant date for Facebook because, on this day in 2004, Facebook first went online.  Therefore, today, the social network is 15 years old.   This also makes today, the 30th Anniversary of the Web.  So something like this brings a lot of attention if done today right?

If any hacker or troll would do something to Facebook, the best day would be today.  Then again, it could just be some routine maintenance and they want to see the type of people when Facebook is Down.  The more reason to talk about today.

There is no official statement nor reason as to why Facebook is still experiencing technical issues.

What do you think is causing Facebook Down?  What are you experiencing?  How do you feel?  Well, this is kinda irritating in fact.

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