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Singapore Cryptocurrency Scam

I almost fell into a trap into depositing money to invest in a cryptocurrency which was said to be backed by the government of Singapore.  I was lucky because I closed the browser window and then search for the CNBC.com link again.  Surprisingly, I opened a forum which exposes the said Cryptocurrency SCAM.

Singapore Cryptocurrency is Not an Official CNBC News

Investors would be eager to invest because imagine that you only need to pay $S0.00014 for one Singapore Cryptocurrency.  Considering the appreciation of this type of investment, you could expect investment appreciation of up to 1,000%.

In fact, the said article hyped the reader by even posting a remark made by Sir Richard Branson about the move of the Singapore government.

I found the article by clicking on a Facebook post which is a sponsored post.

I was lucky because I do not have a minimum investment of US$250.  Imagine if I had and I was not able to read that this is a scam, that would be horrible.

Here is the supposed CNBC.com article which is totally fake since it links to a different website.  All links then point to a trader site which has a registration link.
How to Spot a Fakes News or a Scam

The first thing to do here is to actually look at your browser and inspect the domain url.  I forgot that actually when reading the news because it was CNBC but upon reinspection, I saw that it was a fake website which is made to look like the original site.

The worst part of a scam is that they can actually get ahold of your credit card details and have your hard earned money.

So be very careful. Always be on the look and be vigilant because these things are getting rampant nowadays.

I hope this article helps you.

Source: "Cashlesspaygroup.com and cryptocurrency, Alert! Scam and False CNBC news"

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