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Ultimate Unlimited Buffet in Bulacan

We just discovered the Ultimate Unlimited Buffet in Bulacan located at Malolos, Bulacan - BEANS AND BLOSSOMS CAFE.  Just imagine UnliPizza + UnliPasta + UnliDonut + UnliChicken Wings + UnliRice + +bottomless Drinks, all for just 199 PESOS! If that is not affordable then what is.

Beans and Blossoms Cafe

Beans and Blossoms Cafe is open Monday to Sunday from 11am to 9pm.  It is located along Paseo del Congreso, Malolos City.  Each of their Unlimited options comes with at least 2 flavors except for the rice of course.

Most of the unlimited buffet do not offer bottomless drinks.  This is also the first time that I experience something below Php200.  Wow!  Simply amazing really.

Look at those mouth watering donuts.  The good thing here is you are not limited to just desserts because you also have an option to eat lunch, dinner and even snacks.  The decision to change the concept of the cafe from an ala carte serving place to a buffet is something commendable.

Visit Beans and Blossoms Cafe Now and Enjoy Great Food!

  • Location: Paseo del Congreso St., Malolos Bulacan
  • Type of Place: Buffet
  • Menu:
    • UnliPasta
    • UnliPizza
    • UnliChicken Wings
    • UnliRice
    • UnliDonut
    • + bottomless drinks
  • Cost: Php199/person
  • Contact Number: 0936 304 8566

We are inviting you to come and visit this great buffet place in Malolos City, Bulacan.  For their updates and events, you can visit and follow Beans and Blossoms Facebook page.  If you had been there already share your experience by commenting on this article.

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