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Trending Styles and Hot Food Spots in Pulilan

SM Center Pulilan got some cool ways to celebrate New Year with a blast— whether you are up to spinning off your fashion ideas, onto trying out some hot place to dine, or maybe both, SM Center Pulilan got the trending spots for you!

Bagel Girl

Introducing Bagel Girl, SM Center Pulilan’s Korean Accessories Store now making some K-Pop dreams come true with its wide selection of trendy girl accessories— necklaces, rings, bracelets, bunny ears head bands, flower crowns and wigs, name it they have! Bagel Girl is a Korean term, which means “a girl with a glamorous body and baby face”. True to its name, the store offers all sorts of accessories every girl needs, to pull off that winning OOTD.

Above Sea Level

A new level of delicious awaits at SM Center Pulilan’s great food choices. First stop is a happy home to every seafood lover, may it be young and old, the beyond satisfying Above Sea Level. Have a taste of the famous Giant Butterfly Squid, Shrimp-Firecracker or Bacon wrapped or have a feast on their Seafood Group Pack good for sharing.


Finally, enjoy the oh-so sweet treats loved by generations of Filipinos, the classic Goldilocks!  Make your celebrations extra special with their assorted cakes in different flavors, delectable pastries and other unique offerings.  Have a taste of Goldi-love now at ground level of SM Center Pulilan.

Complete your snack experience with Buko Choice, Lugaw Republic and Sam’s Everything on Stick. These and more as the coming months will unveil more trending spots to hit SM Center Pulilan. For more updates, follow SM Center Pulilan at Facebook and Instagram.

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