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Onmyoji Arena Review and New Season

Onmyoji Arena is one of the newest MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena) games released in the market.  It is produces by Net Ease Games which is also the producer of Rules of Survival (ROS).  I was amazed at how this game was created and the meta was really good except for some issues.  Let us start our Onmyoji Arena review.

Here is a Live Gameplay I did on my Facebook Gaming Channel - ShenTV.

Onmyoji Arena Review: The Good Side

Why is Onmyoji Arena such a good and outstanding MOBA?  Here are some reasons I would enumerate based on my own experience.  I ended Season 3 at Diamond I, not very high and I would discuss why I stopped playing in the meantime.

  • True lane assignments.  This is the first MOBA I saw which has true lane assignments.  Unlike other games which let's you choose whichever lane you want, Onmyoji Arena has a definite lane for various heroes, which I think is really good.
  • Balanced Heroes.  I think that most of the heros in this game are really balanced.  There are no overpowering heroes like Superman or Batman 😃
  • Value for Money.  The value for money in the shop is fairly good.  You can buy decent heroes with your own ingame gold or get other heroes in exchange of real money.  It is not overpriced in my opinion.
  • Ranking System.  I would say the ranking system is also pretty good.  The soul filling is also relatively balanced.

Onmyoji Arena Review: The Down Side

Onmyoji MOBA still needs to develop and improve on a lot of things and here are some constructive observations:
  • Game Lag.  I do not know if I am the one that only experience this but the game seems to lag even if you are on a very fast connection.  Once you experience that there will be an advertisement of this booster which offers you a free 3-day trial.  
  • AFK In-Game.  AFK during rank games is pretty damaging to the team with an AFK player.  I am wondering if the system could offer a soul-protect in a game where the player had been AFK for at least 1 minute.  This means that there will be no soul deduction if that team loses the match except for the AFK player.
  • Game Versatility.  It seems that non all mobile phones can play Onmyoji Arena since it has a higher graphics requirement.  Is there a way to have a lower graphical version for older phones?  I have some friends who says they can play other MOBA but not this one.

Season 4 of Onmyoji Arena

Onmyoji Arena Season 3 is coming after the patch update of January 18.  The MOBA is promising a new UI and some improvements as well.

There will also be a new Shikigami arriving in Onmyoji Arena Season 4, Tamamonomae.

So what do you think of Onmyoji Arena?  For me I am giving it a rating of 3/5
For the latest update on the MOBA please visit the OnmyojiArena Facebook page.

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