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NBA 2K19 Asia Tournament Philippine Qualifier Top 8

Catch the NBA 2K19 Asia Tournament Philippine Qualifiers on January 19, 2019 at SM Cyberzone, SM North Annex.  The champion will receive PHP 50,000 + slot for NBA 2K19 Asia Tournament, and the 2nd place will receive PHP 25,000 + slot for NBA 2K19 Asia Tournament

NBA 2K19 Quick Game Tournament 

Besides the qualifiers, there will be an NBA 2K19 Quick Game Tournament.  It is an open tournament for fans of NBA 2K19 employing the Quick Game mode and has a prize pool of PHP 35,000. 

Event gates will open at 10:00 AM GMT+8.  Enjoy the fun, play some ball and see who will be the ultimate best of the best in NBA2k19.

NBA 2K19 Asia Tournament Philippine Qualifier Top 8

Here are the contenders for the title of the best NBA2K19 player:

Online Qualifier Winners

  1. Philippe “PBE_Philippe” Herrero IV
  2. Davin John “PBE_Trey” Timajo
  3. Alexter “LexArriola” Arriola
  4. Rial "PBE_Rial" Polog

LAN/Onsite Qualifier Winners

  1. Clark “PBE_Clark” Banzon
  2. Joshua “XGHOSTX01208” Ong
  3. Karlo” KarloRosales” Rosales
  4. Nite "PBE_Alpha" Alparas

Qualifiers are done from November 24, 2018, until January 13, 2019.  All LAN/Onsite qualifiers were held at Playbook Video Game Lounge & Bookshop Circuit, Makati branch.

See you at the NBA 2K19 Asia Tournament Philippine Qualifier!

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