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Feedspots "Top 100 Philippines Blogs And Website"

I came across a post on Facebook which talks about this website which exhibits the "Top 100 Philippine Blogs And Websites to Follow in 2019." I scrolled down and found some familiar blogs and websites which I am sure really belongs to the top 10.  I have no contention about it but...

List Your Blog for a Fee

I tried to get my blog listed on Feedspot.com but to my dismay it is a paid listing. You have to pay Php99 per month or Php799 per year.  So the logic is if I have no capacity to pay then I cannot be on the list even if my blog deserves to be on the Top 100.

I am not telling that the people in the list does not deserve to be there, I just think a list like this should be free and truthful.  If something is paid and we give a wrong signal about certain things then it surely affects other bloggers.  It might create a wrong impression.

You can view the complete list at this link, then tell us what you think about the list.  Is it right to charge fees for bloggers to be listed?  How are the rankings even made?  FYI some of the sites in the Top 100 are not even ranked by Alexa.com, so how would they be on top?  Just wondering.

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