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How to Change Facebook Thumbnail?

How do you change your Facebook Thumbnail?  For people posting articles on their pages sometimes it is very hard to change the thumbnail of your posts.  If you have your own blog there are times that the photo will not show or you want a new photo to show.  How do you do it?

Changing Facebook Website Thumbnail

One option is to upload a new image when the posting allows you to upload a substitute image.  Most of the time however if the domain is not connected to your page it will not be allowed by Facebook.  So you need to associate the page to your domain.  Also, sometimes the photo will have a different orientation.

The second option works for those who own the website being posted on Facebook.  If a photo does not appear or if you want to have a new photo just go to this link https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/

Just post the url of the page you want to change the thumbnail and then click on "Scrape Again."  Keep on clicking it until a new image appears.  Once the desired image appears you will see the new thumbnail display on your Facebook shares.

If the image does not appear then perhaps you have to change it.

We hope this helps.

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