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Bloggers File Scam Complaint Against The After Six Club

How would you feel if you joined a contest and then after doing all your best, the rules were changed on the last minute?  Will you be happy?  Will you accept it and just forget what happened?  What if you were the winner if the original rules were applied? This is the case between several bloggers including Ross del Rosario of WAZZUP PILIPINAS vs Kassy Pajarillo of THE AFTER SIX CLUB.

Some would say it is only a solo flight case of Ross del Rosario, but the Pambansang Blogger himself clarifies the current issue.
But it is not just me alone...There were also other bloggers and attendees there. Now the case is with DTI. If The After Six Club won't show up, the case will be transferred to the NBI - Ross del Rosario

What are the Bloggers Complaining About? 

It was a blogging event wherein the host announced a prize.  There was a set of specified rules, in which the bloggers followed.  It took them all the effort and then just barely before the actual announcement the rules were changed. Kassy Pajarillo was the host of the event and she allegedly changed the mechanics abruptly before the winners were to be announced.

Is It Right to Complain?

In my 11 years in the blogging community, many things are actually happening.  Cheating, favoritism, discrimination and the likes are common, although this is not exclusive to this community - it happens everywhere.

I remember a blogging event before which we attended.  My friends and I, who are genuinely tech and gaming bloggers have deliberately withheld the information that there was a GC to be given to everyone.  Lucky for us because we saw it and then I raised the point, if not then we will end up being discriminated.

Ross Flores del Rosario is a blogger with passion and with guts.  It is not natural for Filipinos to complain upfront and this is evident by the common "parinig" and rants posted on social media.  What good, in this case, is that he said it upfront and brought it to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) - which ordered a mediation.

We hope that through this the issue will be resolved and justice will be given to the right party.  It is not about the prize, more so, it is about what is right and proper.

Why is Ross and Bloggers Who Complain Viewed as a Villain in the Blogging Community

When I go to events, and whenever some bloggers here the name, Ross del Rosario or Wazzup Pilipinas you can see the irk on their faces.  It seems that this blogger is the villain of the blogging community.

I could understand why Ross is a villain for some.  He is a person who is outspoken, strong-willed, asks what he thinks he deserves and has a strong sense of identity branding. Wazzup Pilipinas and Pambansang Blogger are self-made brandings which aim to say that he is on top and well, though I would never agree to that, I respect it as a form of branding and marketing.

I would also say that at times I do not agree with Ross, in his posts and in what he say, but I respect him.  If we as bloggers could just find a common ground to respect one another and hear out each other then perhaps we could be a better community.

You can also read another article I wrote entitled, "The Pambansang Blogger Issue,"

Are bloggers like Ross a villain or is he just an honest-to-goodness person who speaks out what he feels is right?

Latest Update on the Complaints Against The After Six Club

The After Six Club did not attend the DTI mediation process, December 27, instead they sent a lawyer who said will file a Cyber Libel Case against Ross del Rosario and the bloggers.

Ross, further informed us about the following:

The contest was also not registered to DTI. I was given a certification.  The name The After Six Club is also not registered to DTI. The lawyer presented a different name, but there was never a mention of this business name during the event. Peopable Event Management or Peopable Worldwide - Ross del Rosario.

Is this even appropriate?  Would we allow bloggers to be intimidated like this?

For more background on the issue:

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