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The 2 California Default Speed Limits You Need to Know About!

If you are going to drive in California, it is only fitting that you would try to know the default speed limits. California actually follows a “Basic Speed Law.” This is the law that states that you cannot drive beyond what they consider to be safe. This is for your own safety and the safety of other people. There are different conditions that may cause you to drive faster than necessary. For example, you may find yourself driving too fast when there is a fog. Even an extra 10 MPH will require you to get a speeding ticket help from the right lawyer.

There are different factors that may affect your speed when you are driving in California:

  • The type of road surface that you are driving on. Are you driving on a smooth or textured road?
  • Pedestrians and cyclists who may cross intersections
  • The number of vehicles that are also traversing the same road
  • The current weather condition will also affect your driving speed.

First Law

The first law that you need to know is the maximum number of speed when you are driving through the highways in California. The maximum speed is at 65 MPH. There are some areas that will allow you to have more speed at 75 MPH. If it is not stated, then you should go with the maximum speed limit. Not following this rule may prompt you to find a lawyer near me.

Second Law

Speed limits are stricter whenever there are children involved. This means that the speed limits are strictly implemented around school zones. A lot of schools will require the drivers to drive at around 25 MPH but some would like drivers to have a maximum speed of 15 MPH. It is best that you check out the signs that are within the area to be sure.

In relation to this law, there are some things that you have to remember:

  • Children may not be able to analyze the distance between your vehicle and their ability to go to the other side of the street. You need to make some adjustments to be sure that nothing bad will occur.
  • Stop whenever there are stop or yield signs.
  • Be aware of the flashing red lights that will signify that there are children within the area.

Failure to comply might require you get a traffic ticket Los Angeles.

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