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Equilibrio launches new line of Super-Premium Cat, Dog Food in PH

Equilibrio, a super-premium brand of pet foods, launched today its new line of products, formulated with high-quality raw materials and selected ingredients, providing better digestibility and flavor for the satisfaction and feeding of cats and dogs here in the Philippines.

“Here in the Philippines, we consider our pets as members of our family. As such, we always want only the best for our cats and dogs, especially when it comes to the food that they eat,” said Johanna Emata, marketing manager of Neovia Philippines. “At Equilibrio, we believe that our pets deserve the right food for their own unique needs.”

Each of Equilibrio’s recipes and snacks has high nutrient assimilation, which helps in the reduction in stool volume. They are also specially manufactured with nutraceuticals, such as Yucca schidegera that reduces stool odor, as well as prebiotics and probiotics that improve bowel transit time.

With its updated and modern formula, Equilibrio’s products are compatible with the highest nutritional concepts. Among its offerings are for Small Breed, All Breed, and Large Breed Puppies and Adult Dogs; as well as for Kittens and Adult Cats. Even Veterinary Lines suited for pets that have special needs.

In  the photo (L-R). Host, Coleen Perez, Neovio model, Sxto D. Jacala Jr. sales manager, Neovio Philippines, Hafid Nugraha, Pet Food Business Developner -Asia, Neovia, Johanna Emata, Marketing Manager, Neovio Philippines, Gerald Ettinger, Global Petcare, Marketing Manager, Neovia Philippines, Lorenzo A. Mapua,managing director Neovia Philippines, Neovia model, and  Daniel Olivio, Marketing Director for Neovio Philippines.

“We are very excited to finally launch Equilibrio, which is known globally as a brand that provides Excellence Nutrition to pets,” said Daniel Olivo, marketing director of Neovia Philippines. “We also made sure that Equilibrio’s formulation is scientifically proven to help in improving the quality and longevity of their life.”

Equilibrio products are now available for Filipino customers in selected credible pet food stores and veterinary clinics. Neovia, makers of Equilibrio products, is a leading player in animal nutrition and health that operates in seven business lines such as complete feed, aquaculture, pet care, premix/firm services, additives & ingredients, animal health, and analysis laboratories.

To know more about Equilibrio, visit Neovia Philippines’ website at www.ph.neovia-group.com

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