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No More Donuts for Dunkin'

It's official there will be no more Donuts in Dunkin.  The brand is officially dropping out Donuts in their brand name and will now officially be known as only "Dunkin'".
By simplifying and modernizing our name, while still paying homage to our heritage, we have an opportunity to create an incredible new energy for Dunkin’,’’ Tony Weisman, Dunkin' Marketing Officer

Why Rebrand Dunkin Donuts

It seems that the company is going for more than just doughnuts.  They are now creating the brand as a cafe business where they served the usual food found at a cafe.  Dunkin' is trying to be bigger and might just be aiming the market of companies like Starbucks and JCo.

"America runs on Dunkin," will be the new motto of the company.

Dunkin Donuts was named because the first was used to define what you need to do with your doughnuts.

Dunkin - to dip (a doughnut, cake, etc.) into coffee, milk, or the like, before eating.

 What is your reaction to the name change?

There are mix reactions to the decision of Dunkin Donuts to rename their brand and the majority are not happy.

What about you? What do you think?

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