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City of Dreams Manila's MAKE OUT Ad

Sometimes you will just be asking yourself what does an ad really mean.  This Facebook ad by City of Dreams made me ask what's the real meaning of the word "make out," and if ever it has a different connotation.  I was shocked to know what the real meaning of the word is.

What is the ad meaning of "make out" in the City of Dreams Facebook Ad?

I was looking at the ad text for quite some time and I cannot really find a different meaning of it.  Perhaps, the topic here is about having a good time together at some place out of the home.  To create memorable and cherished moments.

The text, however, seems to attract a different meaning:

"I just want to cuddle and make out... FOREVER."
And if you translate it to the usual meaning of the word then I doubt that anyone could actually do that.

What do you think of this MAKE OUT ad by City of Dreams?

Here we present to you with the video and the post from City of Dreams Manila and you decide.  I know that is not what they mean but there could have been a better way to say it.

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