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What's inside that Coca-Cola bottle?

A post circulated on Facebook about something floating in a Coca-Cola bottle.  It seems to be some sort of a chewing gum.  According to the post he saw it upon buying the drink and then posted it in social media.  Is it true or was it just something made to make his post trending?

Analyzing the Coca-Cola Bottle and Situation

Some of those that commented in the post said that it is a fake news and not true. I agree with this notion that the bottle could be opened without actually destroying the seal on the cap.  It is also questionable since each of these bottles undergo quality inspection.

However, there might also be a truth to this since on very rare occasions some mishaps happen on the bottling process.  Why did the person bought it?  Well, it was one interesting bottle which is rare and can be used to gain posts in social media and can also help improve Coca-Cola.

Did Coca-Cola answered?

The big answer is YES!  In the post itself Coca-Cola answered the person.

"Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Gurlai. Ang health and safety ng aming consumer ang amin pong primary concern. Ang Coca-Cola Company ay gumagamit ng strictest quality control measures sa pagma-manufacture ng aming mga produkto.  Maaari po ninyong i-send sa amin via private message ang inyong full name, exact address, two (2) contact numbers, product date code at size ng bote o produkto upang maipaabot namin ang inyong concern sa proper department. Salamat po." COCA-COLA Philippines

Seems like it might be a scripted answer but that is understandable since customer service people need to select answers from a script.  After that they will verify it and make a solution.

What do you think of this post and issue?

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