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Sergeant ZEG Burger Review

We had been the usual customers of a 24/7 meal shop here at Wack Wack, Mandaluyong along Shaw Blvd and because we have tried almost everything, I opted to try a burger this time. Fascinated about the names of the burger which is AK47, I decided to buy one.  Hence, here is our Sergeant ZEG Burger review.

Sergeant ZEG Burger Appearance 

The presentation of the burger was just like the usual home made burgers.  It is a burger which has lots of stuffing inside.  It has mustard sauce, onions, cabbage, more vegetables and the burger patty itself.

It is appetizing to the looks and well you want to readily consume it if you will ask me.  It could have been better though if there is some added presentation or wrapper to it to make it more presentable.

The Taste of Sergeant ZEG Burger

I do not know if it was me because at the first time I tried it I almost vomit.  Perhaps this is due to the mixture within the burger.  There is too much cheese and sauce for me.  Also, the mixture of burger and ham (if that is a ham) may not be very suitable for one another.

As I consume my AK47 I get ahold of it and well I finished the burger.  For next time I would try another one but not this one ever!

Sergeant ZEG Burger is available at Chef Jumbo Grill along Wack Wack, Mandaluyong Shaw Blvd.  This place is right across Shaw 500.

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