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Chef Jumbo Grill Shaw Food Review

Working during graveyard shift is not easy.  One of the biggest problems is finding decent non-fast food food.  I am working along Shaw Blvd and this was my problem during my early time working night shift until I discovered CHEF JUMBO GRILL.

Chef Jumbo Grill Shaw Ambiance

This is just like your typical restaurant which has arranged chairs and tables which can accommodate 4-5 person per table.  Lighting is good while the cleanliness of the area is good as well.  It is a good place to eat at night for your tummy cravings.  Do not expect it to be a cozy and pricey place because this one is just ordinary except for the food.

Food at Chef Jumbo Grill SHaw

Chef Jumbo Grill is a grill and sizzling place which offers an extended choice of sizzling menu plus your usual pork, steak and other menu.  Their sizzling is very affordable since with an order it already includes drinks which can either be lemonade or ice tea.  Price ranges from Php55 to around Php140++ depending on your order.

Although they also have various type of deserts, I have not tried any yet because during the time I go there, it usually is a lunch mindset.  Also, to be honest I am not so much into dessert.  Chef Jumbo Grill offers desserts like coffee jelly, cakes and more.

If there is one thing that I would like them to improve is the consistency of vegetable on their sizzling menu.  Sometimes vegetable sidings are included and sometimes they are not.

All orders also comes with free soup and they are delicious.

Chef Jumbo Grill Shaw Rating and Details

I am  giving Chef Jumbo Grill a rating of 4.0/5.0.  Their food are quite good already but they need to study more on how to properly prapre and cook everything.  Eating here saves me a lot of money so I will continue to patronize them. 
  • Address:   Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City (right across S&R)
  • Cuisines: Sizzling, Steak and Burger
  • Cost:  PHP100 per person (approx.)
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 24 hours
For more details and update please visit their Official Facebook Page.

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