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Amor sBread Your Love

Food is really one of the most successful business this decade as more and more food establishments replaces establishments in malls. In this article, we will share with you a quick feedback and review of AMOR SBREAD YOUR LOVE located at SM City Baliwag in Baliwag, Bulacan.

I am a judge for a cosplay event at SM City Baliwag which starts later in the afternoon when I felt a bit hungry.  Since I had eaten lunch already, I looked for something which is delicious but not heavy on the stomach and there I saw Amor Sbread Your Love.

Amor Sbread Your Love which is the mall branch of Amor Bakery looks like an ordinary bread store in the mall similar to other of its kind.  I decided to order the famous Floss plus another bread.

Though the floss was not as tasty as the one from a different brand it is satisfying and delicious while the other one has pork in it.  Bread here is affordable which means good value for your money.  They also offer bread and drink combination.

If you ever pass by SM City Baliwag be sure to visit Amor Sbread Your Love.

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