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Are Blogger Journalists?

What are bloggers?  Are bloggers journalists or they are "just bloggers" which are not covered by journalist ethics as presumpted by USec Mocha Uson?  This is a debate which we bloggers should answer and which personally, I have a take on it.

The Mocha Uson Blogger Definition

We give you a video which shows how USec Mocha Uson insists that she is a blogger and not a journalist and hence is exempt from following a code of conduct in writing.

Bloggers vs Journalists

"And so we no longer have blogs vs. newspapers—we simply have media, and content, and publishing. As Clay Shirky said recently, publishing is no longer an industry or even a job, it is a button." - Jay Rozen, Journalism Professor

The statement above was made after two online news outlet, The Huffington Post and Politico won Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism.

The Huffington Post and Politico were given awards, and while they began as loose organization of bloggers, they have entered the journalistic mainstream while eschewing traditional print formats. Meanwhile, organizations like the New York Times, which won two Pulitzers, have steadily taken on more characteristics of blogs, offering content that appears exclusively online.  - bigthink.com

Although the distinction is less and less seen, here is an infographic which seems to say that bloggers write more based on emotions while journalists are more objective.

Blogger vs Journalist Infographic
Courtesy of: https://www.essaytigers.com

Bloggers as Journalists

Personally, I would say that bloggers are support to be journalists as well.  They should adhere to a code of conduct on writing.  If possible they should be objective on their writing save for reviews in which they would have to be subjective of course.

Bloggers who write online should base their articles on facts and should not be responsible to the proliferation of fake news.  It is important that bloggers adhere to a high personal standard of giving only what is true and what can benefit their readers rather than saying that "they are just bloggers."

So what can you say?  Are bloggers "just bloggers" or are they also journalists?  Please share your view and feedback.

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