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Get into the Latest Trend in Arts and Crafts at SM City SJDM

Rhinestone Art is the latest trend in arts and crafts which is almost similar to cross-stitching.  If you love cross-stitching then you will probably get hooked to it.  To complement this new hobby, BZA HomeStyle Crafts recently opened its new store at SM City San Jose del Monte.  The new store offers household decoration products such as Rhinestone Arts and Paint by Number.   

Getting to Know Rhinestone Art

Rhinestone art uses beads, drill pen and adhesive canvas of your own your own choice of pattern.
In Rhinestone art compared to cross-stitching, you’ll be using shiny beads instead of thread and drill pen instead of needle. Rhinestones have a diameter of 2.5mm and the colors are bright and shimmery that is made of acrylic with 16 cut surfaces.
The application is both fun and easy! By the use of the drill pen, you can place the rhinestones to the canvas. These adhere to colored codes that are clearly visible on the canvas to complete the digitally printed design or pattern giving the final results a distinctive 5D effect.

What is Paint by NumberS?

Aside from rhinestones, ‘Paint by Numbers’ is also a fun activity wherein a photo is divided into shapes, and each shapes are with corresponding numbers to be filled in with a particular color of paint as if you are painting like a pro, and produce a painting like a real painter.
Rhinestone art and painting by number can be used as an art therapy or a stress reliever. These colorful arts can help a person to relax and to focus while calming the mind.
These new kind of arts can be a nice new accent to your wall at home, it can be a gift – whether you’ll give it as a kit or a finished artwork, and it can also be a very fun activity for the whole family. It could be a nice bonding during the weekend or holidays that could make the whole family more creative.

BZA Home Style Crafts at SM San Jose Del Monte

BZA HomeStyle Craft located at the second floor of SM City San Jose del Monte
BZA Home Style Crafts provide a high quality of Rhinestone Art kits that includes an adhesive canvas of your own choice of pattern, beads, drill pen, tray and resealable plastics. Paint by numbers on the other hand also provide professional canvas – also on your own choice of pattern, paints, and paint brushes.
Visit BZA HomeStyle Crafts, located at the second floor of SM City San Jose del Monte.

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