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What TV should I buy? A Personal experience

For the longest time I've been thinking about buying a new TV considering that my kids need to be updated about news for school purposes.  I also like to watch dramas and TV series which for so long I had only watched online.  Since there are tons of brands available in the market, I did an extensive research and I am writing this since I found something alarming.

My First Option for a New Television

If you want to research for good TV reviews then head on to Rtings.com.  I use this website since they contain third-party reviews which I can rely on.  They do not use testing units provided by the brand instead what they test is what they actually buy.

Before going to the site my initial choice was Samsung Q7F QLED TV.  For so long I always believe that Samsung is one of the best choice when it comes to television.  Surprisingly I found out that Samsung KS800, the predecessor of the Q7F performs better than the new version.

Samsung KS800 vs Samsung Q7F

According to the reviews I read on the site, both contrast and peak brightness measure well above what the Q7F was able to output, especially in SDR. The Q7 does do better with color volume, and this does help with HDR content. However, it is impossible to justify the expense of the QLED TV over the previous model.”

Surprisingly, Samsung KS8000 is from last year, 2016. How come Samsung’s quality is regressing?  You can check out the side-by-side comparison in this link http://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare of the Samsung KS8000 and Samsung Q7F.  I was really amazed by this fact.

I also found something else that basically says that Samsung Q7F is overpriced compared to many other TVs with the same or even better quality!

So there you go,  I am still in the search for a brand new television to buy actually since someone is asking me to buy it for my kids.  Any recommendation on what brand or model to buy?


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