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Home Credit Philippines surpasses 1 Million Customers

Home Credit Philippines, a company that offers everyone a chance to get their dream gadgets, appliances and more reaches 1M-customer mark in the Philippines.  The Praque-based Fintech company introduces an option for Filipinos to purchase goods as good as cash on installment even without a credit card.

“In Home Credit’s four years so far in the country, we have observed that Filipinos tend to have a very positive attitude, and this is also true when it comes to buying goods. And often, they buy things not just for personal enjoyment, but also for enriching their lives and their loved ones,” explained Home Credit Philippines’ CEO Annica Witschard.

It was just 4 years since the company served its first customer and just five months after reaching 600,000 and now it is bigger and better than ever.

“So more than simply providing fast and affordable loans, we are able to help enrich the lives of our customers and the people that matter most to them. And we are glad to be able to do this for one million happy customers and counting,” she added.  

Fast growth for Home Credit Philippines

Established in Manila in 2013, Home Credit began its service offer of providing in-store financing of gadgets and other goods.  Their focus is to give customers with no credit card or are first-time loan borrowers to avail of items they like.

Customer base of Home Credit reach its big explosion in 2016 and in early 2017.  The company grew from 280,000 to 600,000 customers in 2016 and in just four months to 1M customers.  It is perhaps due to the nationwide expansion of the company.

Home Credit is now present in over 2,500 partner stores in Metro Manila and 27 provinces, where they offer 0% interest installment promos and other popular loan products.

Home Credit’s secret formula

How did Home Credit Philippines grew big and fast in just four years?  Ms. Witschard shares the "winning formula" for the company's growth by explaining that aside from the huge popularity of their 0% interest loan promos and rapid expansion, their various partnerships—such as with leading retailers as well as the biggest electronics manufacturers—have also been big factors in their success. 

“For us, it’s very much a win-win situation. We help our partners provide a good financing alternative for their customers who don’t have a credit card; at the same time, the huge popularity of products from companies such as Huawei, OPPO, Samsung, and Vivo help to drive demand for our own financing services,” she said. 

“And of course, at the end of the day, the big winners are our customers,” Ms. Witschard added.

Safe lender 

Home Credit Philippines wants to expand their product offerings and offers to customers starting with even more 0% interest promos with more partners, in more stores around the country. Ms. Witschard likewise emphasized the importance of good customer service, even more so as they continue to grow.

"At Home Credit, we like to say 'HC means Happy Customer', and we take that commitment very seriously. So as we set our sights on our next one million customers, we remain committed as a safe lender that we will give our customers the best quality of service that they deserve," she said.

According to Ms. Witschard, the company is “doubling up on training our customer-facing employees, such as sales associates and credit advisors, to be even better listeners and communicators. We want them to understand where our customers are coming from and what their needs are."

These efforts are on top of existing “safe lending” features that Home Credit offers to customers, such as the option to avail of insurance along with the loan; a 15 day “cooling-off” period that allows customers to pay back the full loan at no added cost within this time period; and a loan “safety guarantee” that promises full transparency on loan products with no hidden charges.  

Home Credit Promos for July 2017

Here are some of the promos for July 2017 from Home Credit Philippines.

For more information on store locations, new promos for partners such as Huawei, OPPO, Samsung and Vivo, and useful tips for customers and interested applicants, visit www.homecredit.ph

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