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Red Monster Shop and Cafe Review

We know Red Monster Shop since 2011 since they had been joining as booth exhibitors during popular conventions in the Philippines.  We use to buy items from them like shirts, accessories and even toys for our favorite Anime and later on KPop.  We were surprised that now they own a small cafe called RED MONSTER SHOP + CAFE located at Maginhawa St., in Quezon City.  We tried their food during Seiyuu Fans PH Gathering and here is what we have to say about it.

Red Monster Shop + Cafe Ambiance

Upon entering the place we were amazed with their various collections.  It is like entering into a mini convention were you can see collectible toys, shirts, hats, posters, accessories, CDs, comics and more.  It is a scenery that would be love by popular culture enthusiasts.

Their tables are also adorned with something your eyes would feast on as you eat.  Plus, you can even request for your favorite anime or show to be played on their TV screen located at the center of their area.  During the Seiyuu Fans PH Gathering they were playing various videos from Seiyuu events.

Food at Red Monster Shop + Cafe

We ordered 2 sets of food with drinks and here they are:

CURRY KATSUUU (Php190).  Tonkatsu with curry.  It contains fried pork cutlet with a healthy serving of curry sauce on rice.  I am a fan of curry and I have tried several restaurants which serves such that is why I am surprised when I taste their Curry Katsuu.  It is probably the best curry that I have ever tasted.  The sauce and the pork cutlet is really the best.  Their pork cutlet is tender yet crunchy plus the price of the order is really very affordable.

KOREAN BENTO (Php160).  Very affordable indeed, that is my first comment with this dish.  It's a plate of spam and rice topped with a sunny side-up egg with kimchi, pickles, Gochujang, and seaweed sheets on the site.  Of course like many Korean food you have to mix it together to enjoy the full taste.  Upon tasting it I would say I did enjoy this one.  The taste is fine and great although it is a bit bland for me perhaps because I tend to stay away from too much spicy food.

MR. SIMPLE BLENDED (Php130).  It's Chai Tea Latte named after the song of one of the famour Korean Pop Group Super Junior.  I did enjoy it since it is my first time to drink this kind.  Although, I would say that I might not try it again because I am not a fan of the taste... well, they are supposed to be like that anyway.

LION HEART BLENDED (Php150).  It's toasted marshmallow hazelnut latte.  The taste was great and you can taste the hazelnut more than the marshmallow.  Hoping that next time the marshmallow will be more evident.

Red Monster Shop + Cafe Rating and Details

While searching for Red Monster Shop and Cafe at Zomato it did break my heart to see their rating at just 3.6/5, this is not a very accurate rating.  Try to visit them and you will agree that my RATING OF RED MONSTER SHOP AND CAFE of 5.0/5.0 is more accurate.

Red Monster Shop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

  • Address:   Unit C2 Third Floor, Luisa Building 2, 107 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
  • Contact Numbers:  +63 9178594750
  • Cuisines: It's a cafe with both Korean and Japanese food PLUS THEY HAVE THEMED EVENTS ALMOST EVERY WEEK
  • Cost:  PHP500 for two people (approx.) 
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00AM - 9:00PM.
  • Facebook Page: redmonstershop.ph
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