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Nissin Yakisoba Review

Most of us are used to other brands of pancit canton because that is what's really popular.  In doing so we missed out to try other brands.  During Cosmic Con 2017 at Ayala Malls, South Park, we had the chance to have a taste of NISSIN YAKISOBA PANCIT CANTON. What is our feedback? Read on...

Nissin Yakisoba Pancit Canton Taste

We think that compared to other pancit canton this one is a lot tastier.  We like the noodles and the thickness that it has.  It also has that unique and strong taste which last rather than a uniform taste that we had been used to for a long time.  I think this brand deserves more consumer focus than other popular brands.

The pancit canton contains real vegetables and involves no cook preparation whether it is cup or pouch.

Variety and Packaging Nissin Yakisoba Pancit Canton

Nissin Yakisoba comes in two brand variants as follows:
  • Pouch
  1. Spicy Chicken
  2. Savory Beef
  3. Spicy Calamansi
  • Cups
  1. Spicy Chicken Regular
  2. Spicy Chicken Mini
  3. Savory Beef Regular
  4. Savory Beef Mini
Nissin Yakisoba is trulyYummy Sobra!

For more information about this product please visit their FACEBOOK PAGE..

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  1. Nissin Yakisoba used to taste really really yummy. What happened? It has a bland taste but its spicyness is good.