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Bank Account Scaming and Hacking on the Rise

Beware of recent e-mails circulating where people are being asked to confirm their bank account details because their account was "deactivated."  Recently a friend of ours Ranneveryday.com received a suspicious e-mail with this subject and luckily she is well aware of this kind of attempt to get username and password of your online banking account as well as the crucial card details.

How to Detect Fake Bank Account E-mails and Scams

  • Always check the url of the link that you are being asked to click.  Remember that it should be the same as the website of your bank account.
  • Call your local bank and verify the e-mail's authenticity.
  • Never provide your username, password and card details online especially if it is on an unsecured website.
If you happen to already be a victim of this immediately call your bank and ask for your card to be deactivated asap.

Always be careful and think before you click online.

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